Friday, February 12, 2010

THE Project List

THE Project List

♫Dun dun dunnnnnn.....♫

What I have here is the project list for Windsong. This will be an ever evolving list, and even now is only a quick outline of things I anticipate in the near future. If one thing I have learned from other boat owners is, the list never ends. But this is the near-term list of things I hope to get done in the next year or so.

1. Before leaving Inglis:

-Remove as much interior woodwork as possible
---Begin refinishing wood - clean, strip, sand, varnish
-Begin any other prep work (remove headliner, cleaning, remove rotten bulkheads, etc.)
-Seal portlights with some silicon to temporarily stop leaks. - done
-Put all safety gear on board - jackets, flares, fire extinguishers, first aid kit
-Get dinghy on board

2. Before transport to boat yard:

-Remove Mast (please comment on Mast Removal, I need to do it soon so I could use some advice)
---Remove sails (how do you remove the roller furling?)
---Secure or remove running rigging
---Remove booms & hardware
---Remove lower spreaders
---Cut/undo mast-head light & instrument wiring
---Attach crane
---Remove uppers
---Remove Mast

-Take down bimini, dodger & frame
-Remove hardware (lifelines, stanchions, etc.)
-Empty tanks
-Secure everything inside
-Winterize E (would it be a different process if it is Summer)

3. In Boat Yard:

Bottom & hull
-Remove bow decorative piece
---Refinish or replace piece
-Scrape or grind off paint to gelcoat
-Grind out & clean blisters
-Let hull & blisters dry out
-Inspect propeller, shaft, cutlass bearing, etc.
---Repair, Refurbish or Replace as necessary
-Inspect and rudder
---Repair, Refurbish or Replace as necessary
-Clean, dewax and sand hull above the waterline
-Repair any damage
-Apply epoxy barrier coat to hull-side and bottom
-Apply white paint to topsides
-Apply paint to top stripe (green or blue???)
-Apply anti-fouling bottom paint
-Paint bootstripe
-Apply name

-Remove headliner to access hardware
-Remove all deck hardware
---Polish/Refinish or replace hardware, service winches & windlass
-Remove all portlights
---Order new windows (where from?)
-Remove steering column
---Refinish wheel, binnacle & compass.
-Remove cockpit instruments and panels
-Remove teak handrails, captrail, bowsprint & trim
---Clean, sand & refinish teak (how to finish: varnish, 2 part poly, or leave bare)
-Clean, de-wax & sand decks
-Repair core damage
---Known problem areas: cockpit sole, under mast
-Grind cracks
---Dremel tool
---Fill & fair deepest cracks
-Apply epoxy primer (all at once or tape off non-skid areas and do separately?)
-Paint bare areas white
-Paint non-skid off white or beige
-Seal hull to deck joint
-Attach all teak pieces & seal where necessary
-Re-bed all hardware (rigging, stanchions, etc.)
-Attach steering column
-Re-bed cockpit instruments

Mast & Booms
-Remove all hardware & rigging
---Inspect, refinish or replace as necessary (wire & hardware, spreaders)
-Remove all lights, instruments wires (leave messenger line)
-Clean running rigging
-Clean, sand and paint mast & booms
-Attach all hardware and rigging
-Attach new instruments & lights
-Run wiring
-Raise mast & rigging to finished deck
-Assemble booms & hardware
-Attach sails

Finishing touches
-Make new or repair all canvas (sail covers, bimini, dodger)
-Attach bimini & dodger frame & canvas
-Attach sails

Interior projects
-Remove & refinish all wood (trim, doors, cabinets, companionway stairs)
-Remove all rotten bulkheads
---Repair or replace bulkheads
-Remove all laminate tops
-Inspect galley systems (refrigeration, gas & stove)
---Repair or replace
-Remove all old wiring, leave messenger lines where necessary
-Remove all old plumbing (pipes, pumps, head, sinks, water heater, strainers)
-Clean all tanks
---Remove large parts, remove rust, re-paint
---Replace all hoses
---Refurbish raw water strainer
---Maintenance as needed
-Clean out chain locker
---Figure out locker options (lead to under berth? how to seal off?)
-Clean & sand all surfaces & lockers
-Clean bilge
-Paint all surfaces (formica or paint bulkheads?)
-Install new plumbing
-Install new wiring & electronics
-Apply new formica surface tops
-Install trim, bung, varnish
-Install cabinets, doors, companionway stairs

And so on, and so on....


Sourav said...

Hey buddy, the project list you have submitted is very much interesting and also in a systematic way. This would be every much helpful to every one.

bob said...

Ambitious! This will keep you off the streets for a while.

For our experience with pulling and refurbishing Eolian's mainmast, please see

As to removing all the hardware from the spars... I would stongly recommend against it unless you are going to replace things. I promise you that every single fastener is chemically welded into place by the electrolysis which goes on between stainless and aluminum. You are going to get perhaps 1 in 10 fasteners out without breakage. If you insist on attempting removal, you will need to procure an impact screwdriver.

When you replace the fasteners, put a drop of Tef-Gel on the threads - this will keep away the electrolysis.

s/v Eolian
DE45 #11

bob said...

Oh - about the furler... When we pulled our mast, we just disconnected the stays and shrouds at deck level - we left the furler on the forestay. If you want to disassemble it, it will be much easier once the mast is horizontal, at waist level.

s/v Eolian

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Take many close up photos and catalog them. You may forget how something was installed before you ripped it out. (Happens to me all the time)

Tag rremoved items with numbers or labels. Keep a log, it will be interesting to all of your readers and can act as a guide when you reinstall loose parts.

Good luck!

audeojude said...

Take really good hi resolution pictures of everything before disassembly so that you can go back and refer to them when you forget how it went together :)

as to the roller furling. whether you take it off before pulling the mast or after. Unless it is a cdi you need to keep it as straight as possible when moving it. It takes a few people to keep tension on it while lowering to keep it as straight as possible. The aluminum foils like to bend or bend at the joints between sections if you get to much bend in it. Then it gets expensive. Make sure you take real good pictures of how it is attached top and bottom before taking it apart. Label all fittings you don't leave in place on it.

I am not doing nearly the extent you are in refurbishing the mast but Bob has some good advice about being careful not to break stuff taking it apart. We are running into that on valkyr with some mast steps I want to take off and re-bed. I couldn't get the screws to budge. I have a impact hammer and some PBBlaster to use on it next time I try. Hopefully they will come out without breakage.

good luck.