Monday, September 20, 2010

s/v One Love

Here is a good video of another Downeaster 38 One Love that I enjoyed enough to share with the readers here. I love seeing other DE38's in better condition than Windsong, gives me hope for the future :)

Check out One Love's blog here


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Cool video! I wonder how they got some of those water shots by the bow. We always get excited too when we see another sailboat like ours fixed up and sailing. Love the new look of your site!

theonecalledtom said...

Hi Eric - Tom of the One Love here :) Came to look at your site and saw you'd got this video up. The camera used is a GoPro HD and comes with a water proof casing. This is the second time I've tried using it on the boat and was experimenting with attaching it to a boat pole.

Just think, at the end of all your hard work your boat will be in amazing condition and good to go for years to come!

Erick said...

Thanks for stopping by Tom! I've been thinking of getting a GoPro HD for surfing, I love the footage some of my friends get. I've never seen it used anywhere but in wave action, so this video proves it had good quality regardless.